LPC Non-Cabin Leader/Instructor Staff Service Agreement

You should feel free to have this agreement reviewed by a lawyer or other advisor


Lone Prairie Camp Ltd (LPC) is a Christ-centred, registered charity that seeks to facilitate life-changing encounters with the Triune God in an environment distinct from that of normal day-to-day experience. We are committed to helping equip people for service to their family, the Church and their community. We desire to bring glory to our Lord and King by pursuing this call faithfully and with excellence while modeling Acts 2 style community.


Lone Prairie Camp Ltd. (LPC) - Organization offering the position, CRA charity number 815987425 RR0001

Staff – The term “staff” is used to refer to both volunteer & paid positions

Service/Serving – Refers to both volunteer work & paid employment


Starting position will be , reporting to . I understand that any grievances I have must be directed only to my supervisor and/or his/her supervisor(s).


This agreement is from to for the period(s) of:

Volunteer Weeks:

Please note that Rental commitments will be confirmed during Staff Training Week


I will be serving on site at LPC’s Red Deer Lake location (22139 TWP RD 440, Ferintosh, AB) or such other location specified by Lone Prairie Camp in consultation with myself.

  1. To honour the philosophy, objectives and policies of the camp and to the best of my ability carry out assigned duties and constructively contribute in every way to the unity of the camp family.
  2. To love and respect each camper.
  3. To be willing to go beyond the call of duty when needed. To take initiative and do the things that need to be done.
  4. To not gossip. To voice all concerns and conflicts in love directly (and only) to the staff member they concern. To include the Camp Director or Program Director where necessary to aid in the resolution of conflict (Matthew 18:15-16).
  5. To be present at all staff meetings & chapels.
  6. To not enter into a romantic relationship with fellow staff during May-August.
  7. To refrain from sharing or posting any pictures of campers except through official Lone Prairie Camp venues.
  8. To pick up and properly dispose of any litter I see around LPC’s property.

Recognizing that flexibility is an important aspect of ministry, the staff member will assist as possible in other areas while maintaining a focus on his/her specific responsibilities. LPC reserves the right to change these duties at its discretion due to organizational needs or for other reasons. The staff member agrees to well and faithfully serve LPC.


• If you have already read your assigned book, this year's alternative is Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Updated Edition) by Peter Scazzero. Up to $9.99 (ie. Kindle version cost) will be reimbursed if receipt is submitted to camp office (registrar@loneprairiecamp.com). If you have also read the alternative book, please contact registrar@loneprairiecamp.com


There may be other required certifications outlined elsewhere in this Service Agreement (eg. First Aid and/or WHMIS)

  1. Payment rate: $525.00 / camp week (paid 35 hours / camp week). Partial weeks (eg. Family Camp & Squirt Camp) count at a rate of 1/5 of a camp week per overnight. Rentals count at a rate of 1/5 of a camp week per 24hrs. Sr. High Weekend is volunteer.
  2. Employee will pay $3.35/meal consumed & $4.41 per day of lodging provided (this comes to $72.30 for a normal week). The employee must inform Camp Director in writing by Saturday morning if a served meal was not consumed.
  3. Summer staff are not eligible for benefit packages
  4. Expenses will be reimbursed if they were pre-approved by the Camp Director and properly submitted including original till/itemized receipts.
  5. Reimbursable mileage if a personal vehicle is used for pre-approved camp business at the yearly rate established by the Canada Revenue Agency or renting a vehicle plus fuel – whichever is less. Note that the date, purpose and starting & ending odometer readings will be required for mileage expense claims.
  6. Whenever allowed by law, Lone Prairie Camp will provide an alternate day off for eligible Statutory Holidays rather than paying overtime. Please note that currently in Alberta “counsellors or instructors at an educational or recreational camp that is operated on a charitable or not-for-profit basis for children, persons with disabilities, or religious purposes” aren’t eligible for Statutory Holidays nor overtime hours nor overtime pay.
  7. Vacation pay to be paid out per pay period
  8. Required deductions will be done at the source

Unfortunately, due to changes in grant funding levels, we must rely on the generosity of donors to an even greater degree than we have in the past. We will work with you (eg. provide you with a letter template and training/mentoring) so you can approach family and friends to support you financially while you serve this summer. Similar to missionaries seeking financial support, each staff member should try to raise at least $2,800 per 2 months serving at LPC.

  1. (The total amount donated into LPC’s “Camp Staff Support” fund above the budgeted amount MINUS any amount “Individual Donations” is below the budgeted amount total PLUS LPC’s annual Endowment Income) = Camp Staff Support Pool
  2. The Camp Staff Support Pool will be divided into 2 pools as follows:
    1. To qualify for Pool A, the staff member must:
      • EITHER be new to Lone Prairie Camp OR sign a Service Agreement before April, AND
      • Must submit their bio & picture within 1 week of receiving their Service Agreement, AND
      • Must collect pledges from a combined total of at least 16 different people towards LPC’s 2 Camp Staff Support Fundraisers scheduled for this fiscal year. Support letters sent to potential donors each count as HALF a pledge
    2. All other staff with this clause will be included in Pool B
    3. Donations towards LPC’s “Camp Staff Support” fund that are tagged towards a specific staff member will contribute a proportional amount to that staff member’s pool
    4. Donations towards LPC’s “Camp Staff Support” fund that are untagged will be distributed among the two pools proportionally to how much each pool needs in order to fully pay out it’s staff members
    5. If one pool has extra funds, these funds will be used towards the other pool before any excess is contributed towards the Endowment Fund (see below)
  3. If there are still funds left in the pool, extra funds will be contributed towards the Endowment Fund to bless future summer staff.
  4. The staff member must also remain at minimum a casual employee until at least the end of November at which time Lone Prairie Camp will issue an ROE for any staff member not continuing into December. This is because it may not be possible to calculate/confirm (and therefore pay out) the Camp Staff Support amounts until the end of November. We will, however, pay it out earlier if possible. The staff member must also submit a Donor Thank You Letter of sufficient quality. Lone Prairie Camp will work with the Staff Member to make any required edits.

Subject to the following conditions, Lone Prairie Camp agrees to pay a one-time bonus to certain full-time summer staff positions the purpose of which is to assist students with the payment of their post-secondary tuition fees. If your Service Agreement includes this clause, your position is eligible.

  1. In order to qualify for the bonus, the staff member must work at least 4 camp weeks during July & August. Partial weeks (eg. Sr. High Weekend, Family Camp & Squirt Camp) count at a rate of 1/5 of a week per overnight.
  2. The bonus amount will be calculated as follows:
    1. [ 1 Semester of Tuition & Mandatory Fees (to a maximum of a standard course load) ] / [ 8 Weeks] – Weekly Salary, “Camp Staff Support” allocation & Vacation Pay = “Bonus Adjustment Factor”
    2. Bonus Adjustment Factor x Camp Weeks Worked = “Bonus Weight”
    3. The Pools are defined above
    4. As outlined above, at least half of each Pool will be distributed among the member summer staff using the “Bonus Weight”. For example, if there was a total of $9,000 and 2 staff with Bonus Weights of 1 & 2 respectively, then Staff A would receive $3,000 & Staff B would receive $6,000
  3. “Bonus Adjustment Factor” = Maximum Bonus Amount per week worked
  4. Up to 8 weeks in each of the periods of May-June and July-August will be eligible for this bonus
  5. A maximum of $745.00 per week worked (including base salary for 8 weeks (minus any room & board fees), “Camp Staff Support” clause amount, vacation pay & “Education Tuition Bonus” as applicable) will be paid to any given staff member.
  6. In order to qualify for the bonus, the staff member must provide written confirmation of enrollment in a Bible College or accredited college/university program dated after the institution’s add/drop deadline (such as a letter from the institution) to the Lone Prairie Camp office (registrar@loneprairiecamp.com) before the end of September. The staff member must also remain at minimum a casual employee until at least the end of November at which time Lone Prairie Camp will issue an ROE for any staff member not continuing into December. This is because it may not be possible to calculate/confirm (and therefore pay out) the Education Tuition Bonus amounts until the end of November. We will, however, pay it out earlier if possible. Finally, the staff member must submit a Donor Thank You Letter of sufficient quality. Lone Prairie Camp will work with the Staff Member to make any required edits.
  7. Staff members who will not be returning to post-secondary education in the Fall would not be eligible to receive this bonus. If for some reason the staff member does not attend the institution after receiving the bonus, they are required to pay it back in full.
  8. Required deductions will be done at the source

If you have any questions about the remuneration section, please don’t hesitate to contact the LPC office (registrar@loneprairiecamp.com).


I recognize that Lone Prairie Camp is a Christian organization whose fundamental objective is teaching and training children and adults in the Christian faith by establishing and operating a properly supervised and operated camp and retreat centre. Because my role is an important role in carrying out that mission, as a condition of my employment, I, , have read and agree to sign the LPC Affirmation of Faith and LPC Lifestyle and Morality Standards and to adhere to those Statements both during and outside of working hours.

Statement of faith in Jesus Christ: I, , commit to maintaining in private and demonstrate in public a living, vital and personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. My relationship is solely due to the grace of God through His death and resurrection, which paid for my sin conquering death. In faith, I accepted that I was a sinner and that Christ died for that sin. In faith, I gave my life to Jesus forfeiting all rights to my own will and accepting His will for my life. I rejoice in the resurrection of my Lord and the victory that is His. Ephesians 2:8-10 “ For by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast. For we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”


Lone Prairie Camp requires all of its staff to observe the highest standards of ethics and integrity. I, , have read and agree to abide by the LPC Ethics Policy. I recognize that LPC has a reputation for upholding these values, and all staff are expected to hold and observe them. Further, as staff of Lone Prairie Camp, I have a duty of loyalty to LPC. In all of my activities, I will act in the best interests of Lone Prairie Camp.


I understand that I am accountable to the administration. I understand that I can be dismissed from work at Lone Prairie Camp if I fail to follow all policies and commitments stated in this Worker Agreement or if the administration finds that I am not performing my duties to the standard required of me.

By Lone Prairie Camp Without Just Cause: I recognize that as per the Alberta Employment Standards Code, Lone Prairie Camp may terminate my employment at any time without just cause and “termination notice is not required for employees who have been employed for three months or less” (see https://www.alberta.ca/termination-pay.aspx). I agree that upon receipt of any minimum entitlements that I then have under Employment Standards Legislation entitlements, no further amounts will be due and payable to me whether under this contract, Employment Standards Legislation or common law.

By Lone Prairie Camp for Just Cause: The Employer may terminate your employment without notice or pay in lieu of notice for just cause, subject to Employment Standards Legislation.

By You: Should you decide to resign from your employment with Lone Prairie Camp, you agree to provide a minimum of four (4) weeks’ prior written notice, which notice may be waived in whole or in part by Lone Prairie Camp in its discretion, subject to Employment Standards Legislation.

For purposes of clarity and notwithstanding anything else in this agreement, Lone Prairie Camp guarantees that you shall receive your minimum entitlements under Employment Standards Legislation.


I will contact the camp office (registrar@loneprairiecamp.com) within 7 days of signing this agreement to confirm that I have read and understood this agreement in full. If I do not, I volunteer to assist with breakfast preparation during my first week of service or Staff Training – whichever is later.



LPC does not provide paid sick leave and staff are strongly encouraged to take preventative measures to avoid becoming sick during the term of their employment including (but not limited to) getting adequate sleep between camps. Lone Prairie Camp reserves the right to send any individual home due to medical concerns evaluated at LPC's sole discretion.


LPC values its many excellent relationships with donors, volunteers, and other supporters. I agree to support those relationships.


I agree to follow all organizational rules set down by Lone Prairie Camp from time to time. If I have any questions about those rules or their application, I will contact my supervisor.


During my service with Lone Prairie Camp, I shall not engage in any activities (either during or outside of working hours) that create a conflict with the interests of Lone Prairie Camp (see LPC Conflict of Interest policy for more information).


I agree to not disclose any of the Lone Prairie Camp’s confidential information including, without restriction, information relating to donors, staff, campers and renters. I understand that given the nature of LPC, this confidentiality obligation is important. This includes confirming for a third-party whether someone is or is not registered for an LPC event. I will always confirm the identity of the individual I am speaking with before discussing private information including registration status. If in doubt, I will ask the Camp Director.


The copyright, including all moral rights, of all materials prepared by me during my employment with Lone Prairie Camp shall belong to LPC. All of my work product shall be the exclusive property of Lone Prairie Camp.


During my service and for the one-year period immediately following the termination of my service with Lone Prairie Camp (whether terminated by me or LPC, with or without just cause), I shall not, directly or indirectly, on my own or with or through any other person, organization or entity, solicit any staff of Lone Prairie Camp with whom I had contact during my service with Lone Prairie Camp, to terminate or reduce his or her service with LPC.


This agreement is subject to the results of a Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Search and such other background checks or screens requested by Lone Prairie Camp in its discretion, and to the results of those checks being satisfactory to LPC in its discretion. Due to the sensitive nature and responsibility of working with children, I hereby authorize Lone Prairie Camp access to information with respects to my person from police and/or Child Abuse Registry files


This agreement is subject to Lone Prairie Camp receiving a signed LPC Staff Liability Waiver.


I will successfully complete at minimum Standard First Aid, CPR C & AED certification before serving my first week with campers. I will attend the free training offered by LPC or cover any costs associated with pursuing an alternative option.


I will successfully complete WHMIS certification before my employment with Lone Prairie Camp. I will provide proof of current certification or successfully complete WHMIS certification provided by LPC.


I understand that Lone Prairie Camp will monitor and evaluate my performance based on my ability to fulfill the above-noted duties and other duties, goals and objectives that may be set by LPC in consultation with me.


This document contains the entire agreement between Lone Prairie Camp and me with respect to the matters covered in this document. I am not relying on any verbal or other promises made by LPC or any of its representatives.


I understand and agree that Lone Prairie Camp requires flexibility in carrying out its activities. As such, I agree that LPC may make reasonable changes to this agreement and to the terms of my employment without affecting the operation of this agreement.


If any provision or portion of this agreement is declared by a court of competent jurisdiction to be void or unenforceable, that provision or portion shall be severed from this agreement to the minimum extent possible.


Lone Prairie Camp may, in its discretion, assign this agreement to an affiliate of LPC or to a successor in LPC’s business or organization.


This document shall not be interpreted as in any way waiving or contracting out of Employment Standards Legislation.


This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the province of Alberta and the laws of Canada in force in that province.


As mentioned above, this is an important document. We recommend that you read it a number of times and ensure that you fully understand and agree with it. Should you have any questions about this agreement, please contact Lone Prairie Camp – We’d be happy to discuss this document with you.


I have read and understood this agreement. I accept Lone Prairie Camp’s conditional offer of employment on the terms and conditions set out in this document which I understand will form an employment agreement between me and LPC. I understand that this offer of employment is conditional upon LPC conducting further background checks, including a police records check, and being satisfied with the information obtained through those background checks.

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