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Frequently Asked Questions

Contagious Illnesses

The health and safety of our campers, rental guests and staff is our top priority and we are committed to heeding current provincial and federal government restrictions.

Lone Prairie Camp was excited to once again offer kids summer camps during summer 2021 and we have opened summer camp registrations for 2022. This is inline with current health restrictions in Alberta and will be reassessed if Alberta health restrictions change.

Although we recognize that the future continues to be uncertain, we also recognize that many campers and parents are eager to resume more normal activities. Lone Prairie Camp has offered life-changing summer camp experiences since 1933 and we will do all in our power to offer those again this summer with appropriate contagious illness risk mitigation measures.

We are anticipating that camps will fill quickly, so we encourage you to register online as soon as possible. Please stay tuned for updates by following us on Social Media (see links at the bottom of this page) and/or subscribing to our email newsletters.

In an effort to keep our campers and staff happy and healthy, Lone Prairie Camp has adopted a contagious illness protocol. The communal living environment of summer camp brings an increased risk for spread of contagious illnesses (e.g. influenza, chicken pox, pink eye, COVID-19, etc.). Staff and campers who have experienced symptoms of contagious illness in the days prior to the start of camp are asked to remain at home until any mandatory isolation requirements are complete (if any required by Alberta Health), and/or they are no longer contagious. Campers who reveal symptoms of contagious illness upon arrival at camp or who develop these symptoms while at camp will be isolated from other campers and staff, and parents will be asked to take them home. Camp fees (or a prorated portion thereof) can be refunded in the case of cancellation (with a doctor’s note or relevant lab results whether positive or negative) or early departure due to illness. We would also be happy to work with you to try to reschedule for an upcoming camp week.

If Lone Prairie Camp is forced to cancel a camp week due to government restrictions, the full registration fee (minus a $10 credit card processing fee and the cost of a t-shirt & postage) will be refunded.

Rental Groups: If a rental group’s size exceeds the government recommendations on the start date, LPC will credit the group’s rental deposit as credit towards a future rental booking within 2 years. Any rental deposits received after March 12, 2020 are fully refundable if government restrictions require the cancellation of the rental booking.

For everyone’s safety, individuals in mandatory isolation (as specified by the Alberta Government) can not currently participate in LPC events or events on our property.

Why doesn't my password work?

If you forgot your password, please use the “Forgot Password” link on the login screen to reset it.

Please note that our system will lock out your IP address after several failed login attempts. If this happens, please wait an hour and the lock should be removed automatically.

What qualifications do your staff have?

From registration to the stories after an exciting week at camp, the participant’s safety and parent’s peace-of-mind are our top priorities at Lone Prairie Camp.  We seek to meet or exceed government requirements as well as the extensive standards established by the Alberta Camping Association.

In addition to role-specific qualifications (for example a boating license, zipline training, etc), most staff participate in week-long training that includes sessions ranging from ADHD to bible study preparation & delivery to Emergency First Aid.  In order to protect the minors whom we serve, all staff of Lone Prairie Camp (paid and volunteer) need a current Criminal Record Check (CRC) with Vulnerable Sector Search (VVS) on file with the camp office before their start date.

How does LPC accommodate food allergies?

Lone Prairie Camp does our best to provide special accommodation for people with medical and/or religious dietary restrictions. Participants are responsible for contacting the camp office regarding such restrictions at least two weeks prior to their stay at camp. Cooks may request that specialty items (such as lactose free margarine, soy milk, or gluten free bread) are provided by the individuals who need such items. Remember, no nuts, so (for example) no almond milk. To address concerns regarding cross-contamination, our facility has a designated celiac toaster & cutting board and all utensils and cooking surfaces are sanitized prior to celiac sensitive food preparation.

Lone Prairie Camp is not a nut-free facility, however use of nuts is very limited. Products containing peanuts (eg. peanut butter) will only be available during older camps (ie. grade 7 and up) and only when no campers have indicated a severe allergy.

How does LPC accommodate medications & medical conditions?

Lone Prairie Camp desires that each child has the opportunity to experience camp. We are therefore committed to accommodating medications and medical conditions if they can be handled with minimal risk to the individual, other participants & staff and it does not unreasonably tax our staff. Medical conditions will therefore be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please note that given our rural setting, much of our property and many of our building are not wheelchair accessible.

For LPC run camps for minors, all medications will be collected from participants upon arrival. Participants will be given access to self-administer medications at the prescribed times.

What is LPC's Drug & Alcohol Policy?

Possession or use of illegal drugs, cannabis (including edibles) and/or alcohol on Lone Prairie Camp property is strictly forbidden due to safety concerns and out of respect for the other individuals onsite. Use of tobacco products (including vaping) will be limited to designated areas with proper disposal units and away from high traffic areas.

For further information, please see LPC’s full Drug & Alcohol Policy.

Does LPC allow personal pets?

Because we are unable to screen the temperament and medical histories, LPC does not allow guests to bring pets.

Does LPC have a dress code?

Lone Prairie Camp is a Christian co-ed camp and expects campers and staff to wear appropriate clothing.  We believe that the following guidelines are in keeping with Biblical instructions of decency, not offending others and striving to help each other be pure and without blame (Luke 17:1, Romans 14:19-21, 1 Corinthians 10:31-33).  Campers not following these guidelines will be asked to change clothes.

  • Clothing may not display inappropriate language or innuendo. This includes political statements.
  • No underwear, cleavage, midriff or crack visible
  • Shorts are to be at an appropriate length, the shortest being mid-thigh. Tight fitting clothes such as spandex, leggings, tights, yoga pants, etc. should not be worn without another piece of clothing that cover to the mid-thigh
  • Swimwear must be a modest one-piece for girls & no swim briefs (eg. Speedos) for the boys

How does LPC implement eco-stewardship?

Lone Prairie Camp affirms that God has entrusted stewardship of this planet to humankind (Genesis 1:28) and that it is our responsibility to take this task seriously.  We have thus undertaken the following towards minimizing our environmental impact and modelling eco-stewardship to our campers and staff:

  • Onsite compositing program
  • Recycling program for paper, plastics, metals & glass
  • Energy-efficient lighting (florescent & sodium-vapour)

Is your registration system secure? uses an HTTPS connection to secure information you submit through our website and access to submitted entries is restricted to staff who require such access.  Your payment information is handled by well established third-party companies (currently Stripe & PayPal).

How do I manage Cabin Mate requests?

We will seek to honour cabin mate requests as follows: Campers must be eligible to be in the same camp and the cabin mates MUST request each other.  Lone Prairie Camp will NOT put more than 3 cabin mates in one cabin – except by special request via email for first-time campers. Note that choosing cabin mates is optional and many campers do not make this request. We seek to place similar age groups together.

While registering, you will have the opportunity to indicate cabin mate requests. If you need to make changes, please email

Organizing cabin groupings requires substantial time and attention to detail. We will seek to honour any requests confirmed over 3 business days prior to the event.

What are Lone Prairie Camp’s office hours?

Summer Office Hours
During the summer, the Lone Prairie Camp office is closed between camps (usually Friday 4:15pm until 2pm on Sunday).  The office phone is not continually staffed during camps, but phone messages are checked regularly.

Off-Season Office Hours
Sept-June, the Lone Prairie Camp office is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Camper Cellphones & Other Electronics

We do not allow any cellphones or electronics during camp time, so please leave them at home. Please note that the Camp phone is a business line. Phone calls (either to or from home) must be on an emergency basis only and campers must have permission from camp staff.

Need more help?  Check out our online Knowledge Base & Community.