CLT (Christian Leadership Training)

is an exciting opportunity for students to explore Christian leadership in the context of community. Following a broadly applicable curriculum, CLT offers students the chance to individually try out many areas of leadership with the support of their peers, as well as people who have walked through similar steps before them. With a passionate commitment to discipleship, community, and facilitating self-discovery of Kingdom leadership, CLT aims to help students realize that the best leaders are those who are the best servants, and the best servants are those who intentionally pursue Jesus and the changes He brings to one’s life and character.

Complete PE 10 while taking CLT!

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UPDATED: June 28 – July 16

Ages: Completed Grade 9
*UPDATED* Dates: June 28 (8pm) – July 16 (6:15pm)
Cost: $390

CLT 1 focuses on basics. It is primarily a bridge, allowing the transition from camper to staff using the book Christian Camp Leader. While walking this bridge, those in CLT 1 explore many basics of faith rooted in understanding the teachings of Jesus and are encouraged to understand how this faith impacts their worldview and lifestyle. Through Bible study and discussion, all in the context of community, CLTs are challenged to wrestle with their beliefs, as well as how to live them out in service both at camp and at home.

CLT 1&2

UPDATED: June 28 – July 30

Ages: Completed Grade 10
*UPDATED* Dates: June 28 (8pm) – July 30 (4:00pm)
Cost: $500

Missed CLT 1 last year? Catch up this summer by signing up for our CLT 1&2 combo.

CLT 2 focuses on the spiritual disciplines. Far from strange rituals and religious pomp, CLTs dive into why we, as followers of Jesus, maintain certain practices that deepen our relationship with God, and our understanding of him. The disciplines are laid out by Richard Foster in practical terms, and represent things easily incorporated in our daily lives, not just legalistic rituals. The curriculum complements a week of junior cabin-leading, as well as a week of junior support staff, as students learn various aspects of leadership, and how the lessons learned while engaging in the various disciplines transcend circumstance.

CLT 2&3

UPDATED: June 28 – July 30

Ages: Completed Grade 11 & CLT 1
*UPDATED* Dates: June 28 (8pm) – July 30 (4:00pm)
Cost: $500

Missed CLT 2 last year? Catch up this summer by signing up for our CLT 2&3 combo.

CLT 3 focuses on the ‘Go’ of the Great Commission. It is intensely practical as students grapple with how they themselves need to follow Jesus, and how best they can empower others to do the same. Students will develop the ‘honourable ambition’ of leadership (1 Tim 3:1) by taking a more active leadership role among the CLT group, shadowing various camp leadership staff and through an in depth study of leadership based on Oswald Sander’s book Spiritual Leadership. CLT 3 recognizes that a leader’s character is paramount, and the lessons learned while experiencing elements of camp leadership apply to any situation in which we want to be followers of Jesus with character.


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