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Camp Director – Andrew Dreger

My wife Sarah and I are the proud parents of 4 boys who keep us busy, humble and smiling…Most of the time! It was so exciting to have them attend LPC as campers for the first time in 2021!

I have served at Lone Prairie Camp every year since 2002 in a wide variety of roles including CLT, Support Staff, Maintenance, Cabin Leader, Boat Driver, “Special Projects” and Program Director. Throughout all my other commitments, the ministry of Lone Prairie Camp has captured my being again and again. I accepted the role of Camp Director in 2012 and consider it a huge honour to serve in this position.

I have been actively involved at Ellerslie Road Baptist Church since High School and have assisted in various capacities including youth sponsoring, teaching Sunday School and ushering.  Between my first and second years of university, I had the privilege of serving street children with ACTION Zambia and ACTION Uganda and then graduated from the University of Alberta in 2010 with a Bachelor in Engineering Physics. Since then, I have completed of my Masters of Divinity degree through The Canadian Baptist Seminary (CBS, part of ACTS) and continue to pursue formal education.

2023 Summer Team

This list does not include the many wonderful volunteers who join us each summer to serve for a few specific weeks.

Camp Coordinator – Nick Thiessen

I am super excited to be coming out to camp this summer. This will be my third summer of being on the full summer staff. I am 20 years old and I am currently studying education at the University of Alberta. In the fall I will be in the second year of my degree. I enjoy spending time outside playing soccer and going for long runs. I attend Grace Point Church of God. Going to camp was always my favorite part of the summer and I am so excited to hopefully share that with the campers in whichever way I can. Every year I see God work in the lives of both the staff and campers. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us this summer.

Lifeguard – Areigha Hoetmer

I have attended LPC as a camper in the past and am lifeguarding this summer! I am happy to be able to give the kids the opportunity to do water activities, such as tubing, and I hope that the kids will have the chance to learn about and grow closer with God. Camp was always a really special experience for me as a child, so I hope to be able to create that experience for the next generation of campers. It wasn’t just about the games and activities, it was meeting the role models I found there. My wish for the weeks I am at camp this summer is too be able to meaningfully impact the kids in a way that will bring them closer to the Lord.

Facility Manager – Kevin Hu

I am a third-year student at the University of Alberta studying biology major. I joined Starlight Ministry of Ellerslie Road Baptist Church in 2021 when I first came to Edmonton, I served consistently as a technician in church for almost 2 years. In my spare time, I enjoy video production, maintaining home servers and working with computer hardware. This will be my first year attending LPC, I’m excited to take on this opportunity to serve God and gain valuable leadership skills and work experience. I look forward to serving God at LPC and meeting new friends that will continue this spiritual journey with me.

Rec Director – Philip Lin

I am a first year at Tyndale in Toronto studying Biblical Studies and Theology. I have recently started attending Richmond Hill Christian Community Church and hope to be able to start serving in the future. LPC has always been the highlight of my summers and I am excited to be able to serve and give back for all that Lone Prairie has done for me. I started going to camp in elementary and went through all three stages of CLT which not only allowed me to grow in my faith but also create lifelong relationships. I hope to help facilitate the same experience I had as a camper and CLT for the next generation!

First Aid Attendant – Eden Rutto

This year I completed my second year studying science at the University of Alberta. I attend Ambleside Baptist Church, where I serve in the worship team, and I also youth lead at Ellerslie Road Baptist Church. As a kid, I absolutely loved being an LPC camper! It was a place that inspired me to grow in my faith, because of the positive environment and the supportive staff that showed God’s love. I believe attending camp is a transformative experience, and I’m so excited to serve God and see Him at work this summer! I look forward to meeting new people and forming meaningful connections too!

Administrative Office Assistant- Evelyn Yang

I have completed my second year at the University of Alberta where I am studying elementary education. I have attended Good Shepherd Chinese Lutheran Church my whole life and serve with the Children’s Ministry and on the worship team. This is my fourth year at Lone Prairie Camp and I am excited to see how God works through us this year! My past summers at camp have been filled with meaningful conversations and fun as I grow in my relationship with Christ and encourage the campers who come. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve, and I look forward to meeting all the campers, working with the staff, and encountering God this summer!

Building Maintenance Man – Nathanael Tekle-Alpha

I am loved by God and I love God. I am a grade 12 student and I am going to finish Highschool next year. Therefore, I need to work for my University fees and this is the reason I would like to work at Lone Prairie Camp. Moreover, I love worshiping and greeting new people. I can work with children without boredom and I am an easy-going person. I can work friendly and cooperatively with coworkers, children, youths, and elderly people and try my best to work efficiently at Lone Prairie Camp. I am willing to participate in any worship activities with the assemblies while I am doing my task or working.

Boat Driver – Thessa Walang

I am very excited to work at LPC this summer! I have completed my third year studying to be an elementary teacher at the University of Alberta. I have attended Hope City Church since junior high and have had the honor and privilege of serving there as a youth group leader and kids ministry coach since 2019. My favorite hobbies are playing my ukulele and cooking new recipes at home. This is my first year serving at Lone Prairie Camp. I believe this is an excellent opportunity to see God at work in the lives of everyone attending camp. In addition to growing in my relationship with God, I hope to learn from the kids and staff while I am there.

Cabin Leader – Sonja Guan

I have completed my first year in General Sciences at the University of Alberta, and will be continuing with my second year in the program the upcoming fall. Currently I attend Edmonton Christian Community Church, where I serve in my university fellowship group and the Children’s Ministry. After volunteering for just a few weeks last summer at Lone Prairie Camp, I was able to see glimpses of how God uses camp to further His Kingdom. I am super excited to be back, and am so blessed to have the opportunity to serve as a cabin leader. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for both the campers and the staff this summer!

Cabin Leader – Hannah Liu

I am super excited to be serving at Lone Prairie Camp this summer! I have recently completed my first year studying sciences and business at the University of Alberta. I’ve grown up attending Ellerslie Road Baptist Church, and have had the privilege of serving both in kids ministry as well as being a youth leader this past year! In my free time, I love playing music, reading, and spending time with friends. After cabin leading last year, I’m excited to return to camp for another summer. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to both grow deeper in my own faith and see how God will use Lone Prairie Camp to further his kingdom!

Cabin Leader – Jiachun Nie

This is my first year working at Lone Prairie Camp. I just finished my third year of nursing at MacEwan. I’m excited to spend time in fellowship with all the campers and staff this summer! I hope that God will give me the patience and wisdom to support campers in their spiritual journeys. I currently attend Edmonton Christian Community Church and is grateful for opportunities to serve God to further His ministries. Some of my interests are snowboarding, hiking and watching movies. I also like to paint and listen to music. I am excited to spend lots of time outdoors this summer and also with God!

Cabin Leader – Renée Penner

I’m a high school education assistant in Calgary as well as an independent professional artist and I’m working at Lone Prairie Camp for the 2 months I have off of work. I’ve grown up Christian and have a passion for showing youth that they are deeply loved and worthwhile. I’ve worked at LPC back in 2016 and loved the godly and fun environment of this camp. I’ve also worked with kids and teens in two other schools, in a Youth Transitions to Adulthood program, and in a before- and after-school care program. I look forward to returning this summer as a cabin leader, and leading kids in fun activities and meaningful spiritual growth.

Cabin Leader – Trinity Shpkowsky

I am a first-year student at the University of Alberta. Currently, I am enrolled as a biology student however I am switching my program to psychology because God had other plans for me. Some of my favorite things to do would be playing sports, learning new card games, and spending time outside (especially with my dogs or riding my horse). This will be my first year at Lone Prairie Camp and I know that there will be lots of opportunities for me to learn new things. God has done some amazing things in my life and I can’t wait to see what He can do at a Christ-centered place like Lone Prairie Camp.

Cabin Leader – Katelyn Wang

I just graduated from high school and will move to Vancouver in the fall to attend the University of British Columbia. Growing up, I went to Lansdowne Community Baptist Church in Edmonton, which allowed me to learn about Lone Prairie Camp. I have fond memories of being both a camper and a volunteer at LPC, like the different skill blocks and the food, so I am excited to serve at LPC for the majority of my summer. LPC has also previously played an influential role in my journey to Christ as I am surrounded by other fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, so I am also keen to see how my relationship with God progresses over the summer!

Cabin Leader – Carl Chu

I am excited to serve God at camp this year for a few reasons. Firstly, I think it will be TOTALLY AWESOME AND FUN!!! Besides that, LPC has had a huge impact on my life. I believe the LPC mission statement goes something like, “an environment distinct from day to day activity.” Previously, this has been done very well and God was able to do work in me in a big way. This year I am excited to help foster this same environment. Spending a whole week with campers is a huge opportunity to help them grow spiritually. I am honoured that I was entrusted with this opportunity and hope that God, through me, might do some work.

Cabin Leader – Erik Pellegrino

I am a young adult working as a cabin leader at Lone Prairie Camp this summer. I am attending a church called St. John’s the Evangelist, where my spiritual journey began. I am incredibly excited to expand my spiritual horizons through interactions with staff and campers, and I hope that my beliefs will continue to evolve and grow. I am looking forward to guiding campers through the beginning phase of their own journey, and learning more about myself in the process. I also hope to encounter a variety of new faces on the staff team, and I look forward to forging many supportive and long lasting friendships.

Cabin Leader – Noah Ward

I am currently a college student at NAIT studying Chemical Engineering Technologies. I have two Christian parents and a sister named Haley, me and my sister were both introduced to God and accepted Him into our hearts at a early age. I’ve been going to Ellerslie Road Baptist Church for as long as I can remember, and I now help out the church as a grade 7 guys Youth Leader. I have been going to Lone Prairie Camp for the past 11 years (exception last year), and I am excited to come out this summer. I am pumped to be able to help at the camp this summer and to share God’s Word to the campers, and to have a blast overall.

Cabin Leader – Luke Yang

I graduated high school this year, and will be attending the University of Alberta for Nursing in the fall. I grew up in Edmonton Good Shepherd Chinese Lutheran Church, where I serve in children’s ministry and on the worship team. I enjoy playing music, sports, and going out with my friends. In the past, I have volunteered at LPC, but this year will be my first summer as a staff member. Lone Prairie Camp has always been a place where staff members and campers can meet new people and further their relationship with Christ, so I am excited to see how God will work through us this summer. I am looking forward to serving God and His people!