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Camp Director – Andrew Dreger

I have been actively involved at Ellerslie Road Baptist Church since High School and have assisted in various capacities including youth sponsoring, teaching Sunday School and ushering.  Between my first and second years of university, I had the privilege of serving street children with ACTION Zambia and ACTION Uganda and then graduated from the University of Alberta in 2010 with a Bachelor in Engineering Physics.

My wife Sarah and I are now the proud parents of 3 pre-school boys who keep us busy, humble and smiling!  We are all celebrating the recent completion of my Masters of Divinity degree through The Canadian Baptist Seminary (CBS, part of ACTS).

Throughout all my other commitments, the ministry of Lone Prairie Camp has captured my being again and again.  I am excited to be serving as Camp Director and have also been a CLT, Support Staff, Maintenance, Cabin Leader, Boat Driver, Special Projects, Program Director…If there is a position at camp, I’ve probably held it at some point 🙂

2020 Summer Team

This list does not include the many wonderful volunteers who join us each summer to serve for a few specific weeks.

Camp Coordinator – Nathaniel Strohschein

Attending summer camp as a boy had a profound impact on me as staff members chose to invest and pour into my life. I’m on staff at LPC because I believe it’s an amazing opportunity to bless kids and youth as they learn and grow. This will be my fifth year at LPC and I will be working on the program team to facilitate the encounters with God that can happen at Camp! During the last two years, I’ve been studying at Columbia Bible College which has further equipped me to serve well. I’m very excited to continue to worship God through my time and participate in what God will do at camp this year!

First Aid Attendant – Victoria Cruz

I am 19 years old and I am currently in university working towards my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I have been involved with Lone Prairie Camp both as a camper and as a staff member for many years. During this time, the Lord has placed so many wonderful people in my life and has given me opportunities to bless others as I have been blessed through camp ministry. I am so excited to serve at camp this summer and to give myself and my efforts to the good work the Lord has planned. I have seen hearts and lives changed at Lone Prairie Camp and I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for this summer!

Lifeguard – Drew Owen

I am currently studying immunology at the University of Alberta and attending Ellerslie Road Baptist Church on Sundays. I am blessed to be able to serve as a youth sponsor and worship leader. I have been a part of Lone Prairie Camp’s community for 12 years now. Camp has always been where I’ve come to know my closest friends, mentors and fellow believers. Being a part of the camp community, I have learned so much more about God’s love for me and how to lead a life that glorifies him. I look forward to serving God this summer and am grateful for the opportunity to pour into campers lives, just as my life has been poured into at camp.

Cabin Leader – Ayden Chen

This is my second summer at LPC as a staff and I am so excited! I have been attending Lansdowne Community Baptist Church ever since I was a kid and have loved serving in the Children’s Ministry and Vacation Bible Schools. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with youth and am ecstatic about doing this at LPC!

A few things about me! Apart from church and school, some of my hobbies include rock climbing, soccer, hockey and being active in general. I will be a second-year engineering student at the U of A after this summer. I have been thinking about serving at camp ever since I left it last August and am ecstatic about serving here!

Cabin Leader – Corbin Gengenbach

I’m excited to serve God at camp this summer because camp has been one of my favorite places. I have learned a lot of new things at camp and have made so many new friends over the years through camp. I hope to give kids the same experience that I had at camp growing up. On top of that camp has allowed me to encounter God with no distractions and grow in my relationship with Jesus. I hope that I am able to help campers also encounter God and teach them about God’s love for us all. I’m also excited to serve at camp this summer to be in community with like-minded people all with the common goal to help further God’s kingdom.

Cabin Leader – Taycla James

I currently live in Edmonton and I graduate this year from high school. Next year, I am studying nursing. A few of my favourite things are hiking, volleyball, my dog, sweet potato fries, and hanging out with people. Besides my dog, I also live with my two parents, and my younger sister and brother. I am stoked to be at Lone Prairie Camp this summer, especially to be a cabin leader after three summers doing the CLT training program! I am most excited to be a part of LPC’s impactful ministry and witness many precious campers encounter Christ. I hope to serve God by loving His people – and camp is such an amazing, opportune place to do that!

Cabin Leader – Joshua Jarman

I’m currently in my first year of sciences at the University of Alberta. I’m a youth leader at Ellerslie Road Baptist Church and I enjoy giving back to the youth group in which I spent 6 years learning about God. I’m excited to serve God at camp this summer because I want kids who have never met God to meet him for the first time and for kids to learn more about God regardless of how well they already know Him. I always enjoy serving at camp in summers because each summer is different in some way, it presents new challenges. Camp seems to find new ways of being fun for those at camp, and kids seem to learn about God in new ways as well.

Boat Driver – Erin Lessmeister

I am 18 years old, and I have been involved with Lone Prairie Camp for the past 8 years. During that time I have absolutely fallen in love with camp ministry. The Lord used Lone Prairie Camp to grab a hold of my heart and grow me so much closer to Him through my time being a staff member and a camper. This past year, I attended His Hill Bible school in Comfort Texas. The Lord used my time there to give me a much deeper understanding of His word and His character. It excites me so much to be able to share what the Lord has given me with those I interact with this summer and to be a vessel for His good works.

Cabin Leader – Amy Li

I am a 17 year old high school graduate beginning a science degree at the U of A this fall and I’m thrilled to be serving at Lone Prairie Camp in the summer. Not only am I looking forward to being a light in the campers’ lives but also the other staff and volunteers around me. Lone Prairie is my home away from home and I am so blessed so be a part of such an amazing community. I hope to be able to facilitate the same environment for my campers and pour out God’s love onto them. I have witnessed the miracles that the Lord performs through camp ministry, and look forward to being an instrument for God to work through.

Cabin Leader – Kate Siemens

I have been attending Lone Prairie Camp since I was in squirt camp. I am so excited that the time has finally come for me be a leader out at camp! I have learned so much in the past three years of CLT and I am so ready to pour into the lives of the campers. Being a cabin leader has always been a goal of mine, as I have developed amazing relationships with my past leaders and still go to them for advice and just to talk. That is the kind of impact I want to have on campers who walk through my cabin door on the first day. I hope to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and trust in Him to lead these campers to God.

Facility Manager – Peter Siemens

I’ve been coming to Lone Prairie Camp for the past 12 years as both a camper and staff member. Nothing gives me as much joy as serving out at Camp, as I can see the work God is doing in both the lives of the staff and campers every summer. This joy I feel is what keeps me coming back year after year. For many students, it’s a difficult decision on how they will spend their summer. However, with benefit of knowing that the impacts I and others at camp make on the lives of these campers, the decision is easy. God is at work at LPC through the speakers, the staff, and the donors to create a place that truly emphasizes the Gospel to the Campers.

Cabin Leader – Jonathan Walter

I have primarily attended Laurier Heights Baptist Church for as long as I can remember and am involved in the young adults group and worship team there. This year I have begun youth sponsoring at Ellerslie Road Baptist Church, and next year I will be entering my second year of studying biology at the University of Alberta with the goal of applying for medical school. This is my third summer out at camp, and every summer I have been out has been deeply impactful to me relationally and spiritually. I am excited to be involved in this ministry and hope that through me God will work in the lives of the campers in the way that He has in mine!

Cabin Leader – Andrea Guthrie

I was born in China, but was adopted by a Christian Canadian family at a young age. I am currently in my last year of high school and will be attending Vanguard College in the fall, in a one year missions program. I have been attending Entwistle Community Church ever since I came to Canada. I have worked with lots of kids in the past at day camps with my church. I have also worked at dance camps and in dance classes with younger kids. The past two summers I have attended the CLT program at Lone Prairie, and this will be my third summer at LPC. I am excited to be coming out as staff this summer and serving the Lord through these kids.

Cabin Leader – Reanne Lambert

I am currently going into my third year of college at Columbia Bible College and am very passionate about serving God and seeing His word come alive. I have a heart for people and have been heavily involved in both camp and children’s ministry. I am excited to serve God at camp this summer because I believe He will use myself and those around me in tremendous ways to bring His love to each child and person with whom we come in contact. I am also excited to use my gifts to glorify God and serve the camp in whatever capacity it needs. I am also excited to gain a deeper relationship with Christ while surrounded by great people.

Facility Staff – Russell Peters

I am a child of the King. I am passionate about missions and enjoy being with others. I am an extrovert and I really enjoy nature. I like music, art, poetry, and theatre. I’m passionate about sports. I love watching hockey with friends. I’m a huge jets fan and I rarely miss a game. I love serving at homeless shelters and connecting with the patrons there as well as the staff. I’m a good listener and sympathize with others very well. I am very excited to serve at Lone Prairie Camp because of the wonderful people I will meet. I’m excited to mentor, to lead and to be lead, to serve and be served, to love and be loved.