The ministry of LPC is able to continue because of the ongoing support of individuals and families like you.  Thank you for prayerfully considering financially supporting Lone Prairie Camp.

As has become our practice, below are various projects we would like to tackle during this unusual year to maintain and improve our programs and facilities. Thank you for your ongoing partnership – together we are impacting lives for eternity.

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Note: If we receive donations towards a given project exceeding our requirements, surplus donations will be applied towards other projects.

2020 Projects

Partial amounts welcome, see Gift Acceptance Policy

As you can likely imagine, Lone Prairie Camp’s finances are very tight this summer without any camper registrations or rental income. Our initial financial projections this spring predicted a -$86,180.00 income deficit without summer camp. However, we have been working very hard to reduce expenses (30% lower year-over-year as of the end of August) and have been incredibly blessed by our many generous donors. Although we are currently still projecting an income deficit this fiscal year, we are now projecting a -$34,406.30 deficit which is much better than we had initially feared. With your help, we can further reduce (and hopefully completely eliminate) this deficit by October 31.

Many families’ finances are being negatively impacted by COVID-19 and we pray that your family is weathering this storm. If you are financially able to do so, would you consider donating towards some of the following projects? A summer potentially without campers is very disappointing but also presents some unique opportunities for creative ministry and facility upgrades which will provide benefits for years to come. Supported by our generous donors, we hope to not only cover our fixed costs but hopefully also have sufficient funds to tackle many of the following projects.

If you are donating towards a specific project, please send us an email with the date, amount and designation because the reports for online donations can take up to 2 months before we can access them.

LPC Staff Support Fund

Cost: $24,900 (Covered by designated donations)
Quantity: 15 eight week equivalent summer staff positions
“The labourer deserves his wages” (Luke 10:7 & 1 Timothy 5:18) and although Lone Prairie Camp is extremely grateful for the many individuals and families who volunteer with us each summer, we recognize that many others have tuition and other expenses in the fall and therefore need to earn money during the summer. Although we have been blessed again this summer with grant funding towards summer staff salaries, we still need to raise approximately $24,900 in donations.

COVID-19 Facility Upgrades

Cost: $3,400 ($399 covered by a designated donation)

Although Alberta overnight summer camps have not yet been approved for relaunch, we were blessed to host a group of staff and volunteers onsite who helped connect with camper families, worked on facility projects and even partnered with some offsite church events. We made sure to follow all relevant COVID-19 guidelines, but we also went above and beyond by installing a touchless faucet in the dining hall and would like to install additional touchless faucets in various other key locations. These upgrades would help keep any rental groups safe as we potentially host them during the off-season and benefit all our guests for years to come.

Connecting with Campers

Cost: $2,000 ($1,6001 covered by a designated donation)

Campers rarely receive “snail mail” and although postage and printing pictures adds up, campers cherish the birthday and Christmas cards we send them each year.

We think it is important to maintain this point of connection with our campers for the past few years and the new campers we would have had this summer. Writing letters would be a fantastic way to ensure our campers know that we are thinking of them, praying for them, and that they are dearly missed.

Chapel Foundation

Cost: $9,330.01 Left (A large portion of this project has already been covered by donations)

So many memories and so many changed lives! Our chapel and dining hall have been facilitating ministry for many years but cracks in the chapel foundation have resulted in significant flooding of our dining hall on rainy days. Tackling this project includes tarring the exterior walls to waterproof the cracks and laying weeping tile with drain rock before backfilling and landscaping. The kitchen entrance pad will also be expanded as part of this project.

As you can imagine, all this digging creates a substantial mess and it will be easiest to start new grass while we can minimize foot traffic. The post-construction landscaping will also include expanding the size of our gravel parking lot.

Hosting Families Onsite

Cost: $1,267.80

During these unusual times, many everyday normal tasks have become significantly more challenging. LPC is following all government guidelines to keep our small staff team safe while they serve onsite. This includes physical distancing, masks and cleaning & sanitizing common surfaces numerous times a day. It seems very likely that we will be able to host families on our site, but before we increase the number of people onsite, we would like to make some further adjustments to our facility. One key change that would help our efforts to keep everyone onsite safe would be to install a sneeze guard for the buffet table used by our food services staff.

New Bunks in Cabins

Cost: $450 Left (A large portion of this project has already been covered by donations)

We were blessed this spring by a team of carpenters who donated the materials and their time to install an additional bunk in 10 of our cabins. This is an incredible blessing because it allows us to house an additional staff member in each cabin without reducing the number of campers we can host each week. The carpenters had to remove the existing towel racks in order to make room for these additional bunks and we now need to install some new hooks in order to finish this project so we are ready to host campers.

Bathroom Building Reno (2021)

Cost: $1,350

Another project we are hoping to accomplish this summer is renovating the bathrooms. Last year, we were blessed to be able to pour a new epoxy flooring (similar to the flooring in a pool change room) that is much easier to clean and improves the overall aesthetics of our bathroom. This year, we would like to finish the face lift by repainting the walls and ceiling, installing new light fixtures and mirrors, as well as updating some of our plumbing system. Updating the bathrooms would improve the quality of our camp and overall functionality of our facility.

Low Ropes Course (2021)

Cost: $1,200

We have been slowly working on relaunching our low ropes course for several years and this summer presents the perfect opportunity to bring this project over the finish line. Creating a new low ropes course would provide campers and rental groups with a new and improved program activity. Low rope course elements foster teamwork and can be adjusted to challenge any age, group size and skill level.


Cost: $1,100 (Covered by a designated donation)

A number of our facilities are in need of a fresh coat of paint to brighten up the space. Our most timely projects include the chapel trim, certain walls in the cabins, interior dining hall walls, picnic tables, cabin porch, the Evergreen porch, chapel emergency exit stairs and the balcony at the camp house. This summer is optimal for completing these tasks as we will not be interrupted by the regular camp schedule.

Crystal Block Bathroom

Cost: $65,000 ($3,000 covered by a designated donation)

The most ambitious project we would like to tackle this summer is adding a bathroom to our Crystal cabin block. Although this has been a tentative plan since the building was constructed approximately 10 years ago, the LPC Long-Range Planning Committee has identified this as the next key facility upgrade. As an extra bit of confirmation, we were very pleased to recently receive permission to connect these new bathroom fixtures to our existing septic system. We are working with the local building inspector to confirm the interior layout and have begun collecting quotes for all the exterior work including a new septic tank and laying the required water and septic lines.

Having a bathroom in our cabin block would not only be convenient during summer camp, but would also be incredibly helpful for family camp and rental groups such as church retreats. Although we may be able to procure a loan towards this project, we will need approximately $8,000-$10,000 in order to get started on this timely and important project.

We will need many volunteers with trades experience in order to tackle these projects, especially the new cabin block bathroom. If you have carpentry, plumbing or electrical experience, please contact our office.

Ongoing Projects:

LPC Endowment Fund

Current: $17,447.31 ($4,426.13 received in 2019)

Have you ever considered contributing to an endowment fund or including an endowment donation in your will? Did you know LPC has established an LPC Endowment Fund and even small amounts are welcome? Designate your donation towards the LPC Endowment Fund or contact our office for more information. The interest from your invested contribution will be available to LPC each year.

Repay BGCA Loan Towards

Kitchen Reno, Dinning Hall Extension, Garage Addition & Crystal Bathroom

Remaining: $109,742.81

Through a combination of a provincial grant, donations and a loan from the Baptist General Conference in Alberta, Lone Prairie Camp was able to make several significant facility upgrades including a major kitchen renovation project and a new attached bathroom that will benefit our ministry for years to come.

The loan is structured like a mortgage which we are steadily paying off. However, donations towards paying back the BGCA loan could help Lone Prairie Camp pay back the money sooner and safe interest costs.

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