The ministry of LPC is able to continue because of the ongoing support of individuals and families like you.  Thank you for prayerfully considering financially supporting Lone Prairie Camp.

As has become our practice, below are various projects we would like to tackle in the upcoming year to maintain and improve our programs and facilities. This year we have several larger items towards which you can donate and we are also encouraging you to consider “adopting” a camper by contributing towards our Campership program.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership – together we are impacting lives for eternity.

Donate through to ensure your entire donation impacts camper lives!
Note: If we receive donations towards a given project exceeding our requirements, surplus donations will be applied towards other projects.

2017 Projects

(Partial Amounts Welcome)


LPC Campership Program

Cost: Average of roughly $220 per Campership child
Quantity: 55 Camperships granted in 2017
Given the current Alberta economy, we saw a significant increase in subsidy requests this past summer and need your support in order to continue ensuring that finances are not a barrier to campers encountering God at Lone Prairie Camp.  Only 62% of our 2017 Camperships were covered by donations.

LPC Staff Support Fund

Quantity: 20 eight week equivalent summer staff positions
A new values attestation requirement placed on federal grant funding will likely result in a significant decrease in funding towards our summer staffing. For a sense of scale, this funding comprised 17% of our 2017 budget. We encourage you to read this media article (, keep Lone Prairie Camp in your prayers and consider how you can partner with us including potentially signing the official online petition.

  • $625 or $55/month covers 1 week of a summer staff position
  • $2,500 or $210/month covers 1 month of a summer staff position
  • $5,000 or $420/month covers an 8 week summer staff position
  • Contributions towards our Endowment Fund help establish a long-term income source

Please feel free to contact the camp office if you have any questions regarding this challenge.

LPC Heritage Cash Flow Fund

Goal: Adding $30,000 before 2018
Current Status: $60,704.40 of $60,000 ultimate goal…Goal Reached!

A group of generous donors matched up to $15,000 of donations received before 2018 towards LPC’s Heritage Cash Flow Fund.

Essentially an interest-free line-of-credit, the Heritage Cash Flow Fund is designed to allow Lone Prairie Camp to draw from these restricted funds during the lean months and repay the account by late May of the following year.

Over the past few years we have raised $30,100 towards this fund and have consistently repaid that amount into our Savings Account by the late May deadline. This opportunity to double donations allows us to complete our goal of $60,000 in order to cover our seasonal cash-flow short-fall.

See the introductory LPC Board email for additional information.

Cabin Fans

Cost: $150
Quantity: 10
Summer can be hot! As a way to help our campers stay cool our wish is to upgrade our cabin lights with energy-efficient ceiling fans.

House Dishwasher (Donation Received!)

Cost: $650
Quantity: 1
The house dishwasher has been broken for several years. Please consider donating to this board-approved replacement as we seek to care for our staff.

Chapel Eavestroughs

Cost: $1,500
The chapel has undergone many renovations since it was moved to our property in the 1960s including the recent kitchen reno, bootroom addition and new shingles. In order to keep the rain and snow away from our basement, it was now necessary to invest in new, wider eavestroughs. Contribute to protecting the many improvements we have made in recent years!

Fuel Tank (Donation Received!)

Cost: $4,943
Quantity: 1
Our onsite gasoline fuel tank is corroding and therefore contaminating our fuel with rust. Consider helping us protect our road and lake vehicles by donating towards this item.

Boat Engine ($1,830.39 Received)

Cost: $8,900.01
We have been excited to include tubing and skiing as part of our summer program activities. This is a fun way for the campers to bond as a cabin and explore a little adventure in a safe environment. The boat engine needed some major repairs this year to ensure that it was up and running for summer 2017 (unrelated to above fuel contamination issue).  This is a big draw for families, but also a major expense.

Adventure Playground



Cost: We will expand as funds and labour allow

Lone Prairie Camp strives to provide an environment distinct from normal day-to-day experience and this extends to our program development. This year we would like to introduce an Adventure Playground which focuses on ‘loose parts’ that allow children to design their own play environment.

Please feel free to contact our office if you would like to help create this unique space.

Ongoing Projects:

LPC Endowment Fund

Have you ever considered contributing to an endowment fund or including an endowment donation in your will? Did you know LPC has established an LPC Endowment Fund and even small amounts are welcome? Designate your donation towards the LPC Endowment Fund or contact our office for more information. The interest from your invested contribution will be available to LPC each year.

Donate as You Shop Online!

If 200 supporters spend $200/mo, Lone Prairie Camp would receive $14,400/yr…And it’s completely free for you to use is a really easy way to donate money to your favourite charity. Just log into your account and then navigate to one of the more than 200 online stores. Your price on,, Best Western, etc doesn’t increase and your favourite charity (think Lone Prairie Camp) will automatically receive a percentage.