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Aug. 4-7

Come join us over the August long-weekend as we enjoy time together in the sun, quiet evenings playing games and the full range of activities our facility has to offer.

** Because we are unable to screen the temperament and medical histories, LPC does not allow guests to bring pets. **

Prices for the weekend:

  • Accommodations: $125 (Cabin Room) or $60 (Bringing own accommodations such as an RV)
  • Adults: $60
  • Minors (5-17): $30
  • Minors (0-4): FREE

Families pay the base cabin or RV price, plus a fee for each family member 5 years old or older. This allows multiple families to share a cabin to reduce costs. Note that cabins come equipped with a maximum of 9 beds, generally including one that is double or queen sized (see our Facilities webpage).

If you have children or grandchildren, don’t forget to also look at our 

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