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Would you consider including Lone Prairie Camp in your will?

Although we are not able to provide legal advice, we would love to discuss donation options and help connect you with experts in these types of donations.  Please contact our office for more information.

LPC Endowment Fund

One popular will designation is towards an endowment fund where your original donation is preserved and the income generated is contributed to the camp’s budget each year.  LPC has recently partnered with the BGC Stewardship Foundation to start an LPC Endowment Fund and even small amounts are welcome.  Designate your donation towards the LPC Endowment Fund or contact our office for more information.

“Donations towards LPC’s Endowment Fund will be forwarded to the “B.G.C. Stewardship Foundation” (897214193 RR0001) for management. Funds will be managed in such a way that the inflation-adjusted principal is permanently restricted with inflation defined by an annual Alberta Consumer Price Index adjustment. Excess earnings will be forwarded back to Lone Prairie Camp Ltd.”