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Lone Prairie Camp is a year-round facility with lodging primarily consisting of 3 cabin-blocks.
Additional lodging is available for a total of approximately 166 beds.
Bedding is NOT provided.


14 Rooms, Total of 126 Beds

There are three furnace heated cabin blocks of 4-5 cabins/rooms each. Each cabin/room contains eight twin bunks and one double bed, for a total of 126 beds in the cabin-blocks. *NEW* One of our cabin blocks now consists of 4 rooms and an attached bathroom with 2 showers.

First Aid Cabin

3 Private Rooms & Shared Half-bath

The recently renovated First Aid Cabin is a furnace heated building consisting of 3 rooms, one shared half-bathroom and separate shower room. Each room has one bed, for a total of 3 beds.

Milton-Hilton Cabins

2 Rooms, Total of 12 Beds

The Milton-Hilton cabins are two rooms with electrical heating. There are six beds in each room, for a total of 12 beds.

Evergreen Cabins

6 Rooms, Total of 12 Beds

The recently renovated Evergreen Cabins consist of 6 rooms. There is a twin bed + a double bed in each room, for a total of 12 beds.


14 Beds

The 24ft diameter Yurt holds 14 beds and is electrically heated.

Beavers Cabin

2 Rooms, Total of 3 Beds

Located near the back entrance to the kitchen, Beavers Cabin has two rooms with electrical heating. The first room has one double bed, while the second room has two twin beds.


Capacity of 150

The chapel has a seating capacity of 150 people. It is equipped with an audio-visual system including a projector, DVD player, microphones and speakers.

Dining Hall

Capacity of 100

The dining hall has a seating capacity of 100 people and features a gas fireplace. If more than 100 people require seating, overflow can be accommodated in the chapel (upstairs).


Modern, Commercial Kitchen

The kitchen includes two standard ovens, a convection oven, four burners and a commercial sanitizer (not dishwasher).  All eating, cooking and serving utensils are provided.


The washrooms (complete with showers) are located in a central location which is in close proximity to all the cabins.  Building is furnace heated year-round and has coin-operated laundry machines.

Penner Lounge

720 SqFt

Penner Lounge consists of a spacious area with couches. Inside there is both a wood stove and electric heater. There are two refrigerators and one microwave available for use, as well as a TV, DVD player and VHS player.