We are grateful to our board for overseeing the ministry of Lone Prairie Camp.

They can be contacted at board@loneprairiecamp.com.
A copy of our current LPC Board Policy Governance Manual is also available.

Ed Stuckey

Title on Board: Chair
Family: Married to Jan Stuckey for 55+ years
Home Church: The Gathering Church
Occupation: presently semiretired, my life has been about teaching and pastoring – Interim Exec Dir of BGC Canada, Assoc Pastor of The Gathering, adjunct teaching with ACTS Seminaries and interim president of Canadian Baptist Seminary, pastor of Ellerslie Road Baptist Church, and pastor of Grace Bible Church in Dauphin, MB. Before that, I was a history teacher in London, ON.
Past Experience with LPC: Along the way, I have been actively involved with two Christian camps – Dauphin Bible Camp (5 years as Board member, chair, and director of Family Camp), and Lone Prairie (23 years as pastor of a supporting church, then 10 more with other BGC ministries). I hugely value the work of LPC through the years, and recognize its enduring contribution to a host of young, but maturing lives. This is clearly a new and challenging era for Christian camping with a host of new issues to process.
Past Experience on the LPC Board (if any): This is my fifth year serving on the LPC Board, third as Chair

Tim Schwalfenberg

Title on Board: Vice-Chair
Family: Unmarried, but recently engaged
Home Church: Central Baptist Church
Occupation: I work as a maintenance engineer for Imperial Oil at Strathcona Refinery
Past Experience with LPC: I attended LPC as a camper for many years, later transitioning into LPC’s Leadership Training (CLT) program. After completing the CLT program, I was a cabin leader at camp the following summer. Camp has had an incredible impact on my life and my relationship with God. I have seen similar impacts in the lives of many youth that I have mentored at my church and I’m excited to see how God will continue to use LPC to mature and grow his disciples.
Past Experience on the LPC Board (if any): This is my third year serving on the LPC board

Alyssa Reid

Title on Board: Secretary
Family: I have been married to my husband, Jesse, for seven years. We have two daughters, Aria and Willow.
Home Church: Ellerslie Road Baptist Church
Occupation: I work as a Registered Nurse on a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
Past Experience with LPC: I spent many summers serving at Lone Prairie Camp. I attended the CLT program as a teenager as well as worked as a Support Staff, Cabin Leader, Recreation Director and Assistant Program Director. The time I spent serving at camp has had a significant impact on my life. I value the ministry of Lone Prairie Camp and am excited to serve again, in a different capacity.
Past Experience on the LPC Board (if any): This is my fourth year serving on the LPC board.

Loretta James

Family: This year marks 21 years of marriage for me and my husband Trevor. In addition to Trevor and I, “Team James” is also made up of 3 pretty great young adults and a couple pooches.
Home Church: Southview Christian Fellowship
Occupation: I work part-time as a Public Health Nurse for AHS and I volunteer with the Pregnancy Care Center Edmonton, with Young Life Capernaum, with CHiLD (Community Health, International Learning & Development) & in our neighbourhood.
Past Experience with LPC: Like many on the board I’m a firm believer in the benefits of camp. I grew up going to 4-H and Rural Education and Development camps. When I was at Augustana for University I was exposed to Christian community and God’s word. After making a personal decision of faith I was able to work the following two summers at Wilderness Ranch, a Christian summer camp in southern Alberta. From there during nursing school I started volunteering and later worked on staff for Young Life. YL is a parachurch youth ministry with a large camping component. All of this time in summer camping has been hugely foundational to who I am today. It was actually my husband that had the first LPC experience as camper in elementary school. More recently our kids have all gotten involved through friends. It has been very encouraging seeing them grow and mature in their walks of faith and leadership abilities. Over the last couple years I have enjoyed the opportunity to help in the kitchen for a couple weeks of camp. I’m so very grateful for LPS’s commitment to discipleship training; challenging the next generation of youth to take on the adventure of living life for God in very tangible ways.
Past Experience on the LPC Board (if any): This is my second year serving on the LPC board.