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Every year Lone Prairie Camp is blessed by numerous individuals volunteering and working to help make our ministry possible.

If you are interested in supporting LPC with your time, please consider helping during one of our

spring work days

Wondering what roles might interest you at LPC?
Click on the Staff Application button below and enter your age to see descriptions of various roles that might be a good fit!

Staff application

Once you have completed the application,
you also need to get 3 people to complete our online LPC Reference Form for us to start processing your application.

We also have a Christian Leadership Training (CLT) program for high school students.
Please visit our CLT webpage for further information regarding this powerful program.

Potentially interested? RSVP for Spring Staff/CLT Retreat.

Have you served at Lone Prairie Camp? We would love the opportunity to reconnect with alumni such as yourself!
Please take a moment to fill out our email contact form so we can contact you about upcoming alumni events.

In light of all the schedules that we need to prepare each week, please note that we need all your correctly completed paperwork by midnight the Wednesday the week before you intend to come out. Other factors may necessitate an earlier deadline, but Wednesday midnight is a good rule of thumb. Staff Applications should be in well before the Wednesday paperwork deadline as successful applicants will also need to complete additional documents and training by the Wednesday deadline.