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With safety as our foundation, we also seek to provide a wide range of fun and exciting activities including:


Release your inner Robin hood with by taking part in Archery. Unique targets and multiple bows make this a great activity for any group!

Arts & Crafts

Let your creative side run wild with shelves of craft supplies and examples which will lead to a great souvenir to remember your time at LPC.


Who doesn’t love a great game of Bump? Enjoy our basketball half-court located in the centre of our courtyard. A great place for building relationships and healthy competition!

Beach Volleyball

Fun in the sun with your toes in the sand. Enjoy our lake side Beach Volley Ball court. Perfect for the traditional game and all those messy variations! Contact us for suggestions!


Embrace the outdoors. Enjoy bannock making, learn to build a fire and even a night sleeping in a tent under the stars

Canoeing & Paddleboats

Love the water but dont want to get wet? Enjoy a relaxing day on the water with one of our canoes or paddle boats!

Climbing Tower

Reach new hights with our state of the art climbing tower. Equipped with multiple rutes allowing for a variety of levels of difficulty each time you go will be a new challenge!


Enjoy a wide variety of group games in our spacious field. Bucket ball, Capture the flag and even a leisurely day of catching frogs make this the perfect spot!

Low Ropes

Enjoy multiple skill testing activities that will challenge your balance and dextarity!


Lets Dive In! Nothing says camp like a mud pit! Enjoy a variety of games and just getting dirty in this camp favorite!


Designed for individuals 13 and over. Enjoy a fun and safe environment to test your shot! We are excited to be one of the few camps with the ability to offer this skill.

Sling Shots

A great skill for all ages! Let your inner David loose with this fantastic outdoor adventure!

Slip & Slide

A real fan favorite! For a real splash enjoy coasting down our slip and slide! A real memory maker!

Sports Equipment

Enjoy access to a variety of recreational activities like frisbies, balls, hoolahoops, flags, buckets and more for hours of fun!


Enjoy splashing around in our lake!


Defy gravity with our very own multi person trampolines located beside our spacious field.


Experience the rush of being pulled on an inner tube behind a boat. Feel the waves spray in your face as you ride behind our boat!


Experience the rush of sliding down our zipline!