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Thank you SO MUCH for serving as LPC Cooks! God uses summer camp to impact camper, CLT & Staff lives...And none of that would be possible without your ministry in our kitchen!

As we strive to continually improve, we want to hear from our front-line volunteers. Please take a few minutes to thoughtfully submit your feedback to help us prioritize ongoing improvements and investments to LPC's food services.

Meals I particularly enjoyed making:
Meals I less enjoyed making:
You can rearrange the below items by dragging and dropping them
  • Drying salad
  • Opening cans
  • Slicing and/or dicing vegetables and fruit
  • Frying pancakes
  • Finding pantry items
  • Peeling carrots
  • Finding refrigerated items
  • Finding frozen items
  • Slicing ham
  • Serving condiments
  • Dealing with a clogged sink
Kitchen Equipment Wishlist
Equipment Name
How many minutes would this have saved you during your week?

Contact Info

We appreciate you sharing your contact info so we can ask any follow-up questions.